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                                                                             LEARNING APPS & VIDEOS

  Indigenous Language Matters

I'm truly touched and inspired by the videos below and all of the good work that is being done in our communities to reclaim our language and cultural heritage.  As an Indigenous person & as a professional who has been working with Indigenous peoples all over the world, it's important that I continue to do my part.  Below are some short videos that speak to the heart of the matter.

In particular Mr. Barry Moses Ted X lecture is truly inspiring.




As we journey forward it's important that we continue to take action in our communities & further our good work in preserving language and Elders knowledge for generations to come; because the use of smart-phones is so widespread, Mobile Language applications provide a powerful means for reaching our community members & maintaining a strong positive connection to their home communities, language, & cultural heritage.


Our language applications are available in both Android and iOS (Apple) formats covering 100% of the smart-phone usage market.  We look forward to meeting you and would be honoured to visit your community to further discuss the packages that are presently available.

Our 5 Step Process Ensures Success

We’ve made it easy!  We work with Elders, staffs, boards, & community members to develop an app that honourably represents your community and provides effective systems for learning & retaining your Indigenous language.  The whole process is done in 5 simple steps.

  • STEP 1 - Requirements Analysis

    Our work begins with a comprehensive requirements analysis.  During this step we establish key contacts for the project (Elders, Staffs, Community Members etc.) and ensure that there is clear communication among us.  We determine the number of words and categories you would like in your app, the name of your app, contents (images, video, songs, stories), and develop timelines for completion of each phase.


    The requirements analysis is an essential step and ensures that the scope of the work is well understood along with deadlines for completion.

  • STEP 2 - Application Design

    During this step we design your custom GUI (Graphic User interface) that users will use to navigate the mobile application.  This step will begin to bring the app to life as we get a much clearer picture of how it will look and function.  The resulting artboard is then discussed and changes made accordingly.  It’s important to have pictures, community logos, and cultural imagery that you would like to incorporate into the look and feel of the app during this stage.


    Your application art-board will not be a template, but rather a custom design that is specific & representative of your community.

  • STEP 3 - Audio Recording

    In step 3 we travel out to your community and begin the audio recording of words/phrases and corresponding translations.  Thrive Pixels New Media uses professional audio recording equipment and editing software to ensure that audio media is clear, concise and free of any interference.  We can also record any community songs or stories you’d like to include in your app at this stage.


    Audio Recordings are done using Pro Tascam audio recorders & Rode microphones all setup within a portable sound booth.

  • STEP 4 - Video Recording

    Ready set action!  During the video recording stage, we travel out to your community and begin recording the varous stories, legends, and teachings that you would like to include in your mobile app.  Recording can take place at predetermined locations (community halls, museums, scenic areas etc.) or a portable chroma key set can be created right in your office.


    Video recording can be done use Canon Vixia HD cameras (for web/mobile) and/or Cinema Quality Panasonic GH5 with Sigma Lenses.  We include Savage 3 point lighting, with boom stands and microphones.

  • STEP 5 - Program Completion & Launch

    During step 5 we complete the program functionality and begin beta testing the application.  Once the app has passed we discuss launch dates and pricing for either Google Play or iTunes (or both!).  Once approved the apps are ready to be advertised to the community for use!


    Mobile applications combine the key elements of audio/visual communications, repetition, and context necessary for enhanced learning and retention of language.

After beta testing is complete your community language apps are then submitted to the Google Play & Apple iTunes platforms.  Once cleared, they become available for your community members to download and use directly on their smartphones.  Learners can now continually refer to your applications for learning and reinforcement of their Indigenous language.  The applications can also serve as a message board, allowing admins to send push notifications of important dates, community events, & if necessary emergency information.

Once Step 5 is complete Your Apps are Ready to go!

Mobile Language Apps provide a powerful means for our communities to work towards reclaiming their language.


With the popularity of smartphone devices, mobile apps provide an in pocket solution for our community members to continual refer to the language programs for guidance.  From vocabulary to language semantics and onto games, users are given both the visual and audio references necessary to allow them to interact with the learning and retain.  Thrive Pixels New Media specializes in working with your language experts to develop a learning app that not only engages users, but delivers results.  Within in a very short period of time, application users will be able to build vocabulary & begin to understand the fundamentals of their Indigenous language.  Included videos, songs, and images tell the important stories of our people and are there to be accessed by anyone with a smartphone and preserved for generations to come.

Interactive Learning

We look forward to discussing your Community Language application.

For further information on available packages and pricing, please contact us below.



Cultural VIDEOS for Web, Mobile & DVD

As a First Nations company we understand the importance of capturing our Elders Wisdom for Generations to Come.





Historical images, Elder stories, legends, and songs are paramount for carrying Indigenous ways of knowing & being forward.  As a First Nations company we understand how these work together to enhance the learning and understanding of ones cultural heritage and language.

Interviews and documentary style shooting can take place in pre-determined community locations or we can develop a set for shooting interviews in your office space.


Professional chroma keying is available, along with

pro lighting & audio capture.

WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT.  NEW! Social Media Learning Platforms.

Pixel Perfect Responsive Web Design and Development

Thrive Pixels works carefully with your team to develop a web-based solution that will exceed your expectations.


NEW! Social Media Learning Platforms.  So new, details have yet to be posted!  Please call for details or check back soon.




From Sketch

& on to Greatness!

To Mockup


Stay in the loop with websites that function across multiple platforms, browsers, & devices.


We provide you with the ability to manage and update your Sites content as easily as sending an email.


Blog engines allow you to better inform your customers and drive traffic.  Social media allows you to stay connected in real time.  We suggest both :)


From simple payment buttons to complex multi-product e-commerce Sites, Thrive Pixels has you covered.

All of our Sites are search engine optimized with full social media integration(s) as required.

We have various web development solutions available to meet your budget .  CONTACT US today for a free consultation.


Leave your brand in the hands of experienced professionals.

Thrive Pixels has been working with Indigenous communities worldwide for 15+ years  to help develop the marketing strategies & associated media necessary to disseminate their important messages.



Flyers, posters, newsletters, magazines, business cards & billboards.  Let a professional manage your marketing medias.

Anything is possible; start from scratch logos or redesigns...if you can imagine it, we can create it.

We're ready to deliver our 5 star service!


Would you like a copy of our mobile language app information package?

This package provides info. on our mobile language products and details our workflow process with your community.


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(306) 930-3103

© Copyright Thrive Pixels New Media 2017.  All rights reserved  |   Privacy Policy   |   Terms